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Welcome back to my Press Your Luck website. While this is a very barebones update right now, my aim is to get the rest of the pages back up and running in the coming weeks. For now, I hope you all enjoy what I have here. While visiting the Episode Guide pages, you may notice some links on top and bottom of the pages. Those pages are being worked on right now, and are not up yet. If you have patience, they will get back online soon!

My ultimate goal was to get the classic PYL episode guide up and running. Fortunately, I have finally gotten my guide back up, and now it is virtually finished for the first two and a half years now that GSN has aired all the episodes on their current lease. UPDATE: GSN is now airing episodes from late, 1985. Part IV of the episode guide has been greatly updated, and will be finished updating when the final episodes from then are aired.
Link to the episode guide!

I hope you guys enjoy the episode guide, and please send feedback. However, keep in mind I do have a busy schedule, so other pages will not come up right away. But, I promise they will be awesome when they DO come up again. For now, this is Jason Hernandez saying thanks for visiting the site, and I'm truly glad that this site is back!

LAST UPDATE 10/17/14. New schedule up for this coming week.... SPOILERS AHEAD!!
I have set up an e-mail account for all PYL queries from everyone, so fire away!

Here is a preview of what you guys can expect to see in the coming "new-to-GSN" episodes over the next few days!

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PYL Updates and News Column

**NEW UPDATE (October, 2014) PYL is now airing a new lease of episodes. GSN has just acquired more episodes from when they left off six years ago! This newest set of episodes begins from November, 1985 and will go into the 1986 episodes. This is the first time episodes from this batch has been seen on TV in nearly two decades (formerly on the USA Network).

**However, PYL is only showing FOUR days a week right now on GSN as they have a "vintage" block of game shows every Thursday morning. Thus, the Whammy will appear Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning every week.

**With these new episodes, GSN is NOT going back to episode #1 at this current time. Instead, they are airing episodes from November, 1985 and into 1986.

**Because of this, my episode guide will be seeing some significant updates, so please stay tuned for that!!

By the way, I am always looking for PYL contestants to interview for this site for those of you former contestants surfing out there in internet land! :-)

GSN PYL Schedule for this week
Week of October 20-24
(All Times Eastern)

**GSN recently leased an unspecified number of episodes beginning in November, 1985 (during the last Home Player Sweepstakes) and continuing into 1986 episodes...

**GSN is airing their newest lease of episodes, and many of these are new-to-us episodes!

Week of October 20, 2014 (All times Eastern)
9:30a October 20, 2014
Last time we see three prizes in square #10, and the final appearance of "Double Your $$" without a spin.
9:30a October 21, 2014
New boards debut in both rounds with a great spin battle in the end! A must-see episode.
9:30a October 22, 2014
A weird episode, and Trish comes back in a later episode.
9:30a October 23, 2014
No episode today. :-(
9:30a October 24, 2014
Robert blows a huge lead and, ultimately, the game...

These schedules MAY skip or go out of order...that is, if GSN skips an episode for no particular reason, or if there is a marathon. Thanks to Brian Connoy and his matchgame.org site for providing the basis for the PYL GSN schedule! (Or the Basset Hound Site when I first visited there!)

Hello, and welcome to my Press Your Luck pages where big big bucks can be found. Well, not really, but you will find lots of neat stuff here.

Check out all of the links, including the incredible PYL Episode Guides! :-)

Press Your Luck Prize Icons!  (Returning Soon)
You heard it...nearly all of the prize icons used in the entire show's 750+ episode run! It showcases ALL of the prizes (and their icons) that have ever been used in the show's history, along with some interesting facts about them!

Coming soon...more summaries from those early '83 episodes, some of the '85 episodes, the prize icons page, the info page, the MOVIES page, and more!

Also, I'm pleased to finally have the PYL interviews page back up and running again! Check them out!